International Trade and Banking.


At Codemonics we are craftsmen.

        Craftsman (n) : a craftsman is an artist or someone who is extremely skilled at a trade or and art of craft.

Like proud craftsmen over the centuries, we love our work and thrive within our area of expertise.

        Expert (n) : a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

A good service provider is often most clearly defined by what they are unable to do. What they are prepared to walk away from.

We fix problems and offer sustainable solutions, but are also willing admit when we are unable to assist a client.

So where does this leave Codemonics?

We take on projects where we can make a noteable and measurable impact.

We are vehemently opposed to vendor lock-in. At all times our clients have the option of selecting an alternative service provider and our work is built in such a way as to allow easy transfer or sharing of work with other firms.

Our projects are built to completion and not to a partial point, with a view to continuously selling more work for a solution that should already be working.

Codemonics is not a labour broker and so our direct involvement is mandatory.

Things we excel at

International trade and banking.

Areas that are not our focus

Everything else.

The philosophical developer

Why the focus? You don’t master something without commitment and persistence. The team at Codemonics has in-depth knowledge in our chosen fields. This is complemented with a diverse portfolio of skills and experience.

The solution space

The international trade and banking domains lack solutions that solve strategic problems. For example, while there is software to clear a client’s imports through Customs, there is nothing that provides them with insight into their international trade. This is the space we choose to occupy. The space that enables meaningful and rapid decision making.

Banks have a myriad of systems that constitute their IT environment. Systems that manage risk, report to authorities and simply facilitate the day-to-day transactions of thousands of customers. What is missing is rapid and clear insight. That ability to make a call quickly and predictably. To understand the business through the eye of the data that is seldom looked at with a view to extracting the maximum value from the client base.

Codemonics provides insight.

Our Team

Donald MacKay

B.Com, Dip Int Audit, MBA, CIA

I have done many things over the course of my career, from software development to computer auditing and then more recently international trade consulting. I have been involved with international trade consulting since 1998, ending as an Associate Director in the tax division at Deloitte. I did many different things in my time at Deloitte, always with a strong role in business development and innovation management. My final role was Global Product Development Manager for international trade consulting products.

I love solving problems and I love technology, and that really is the heart of Codemonics. The result has been such products such as Stratalyze, a tool that enable complex strategic decisions relating to international trade.

XA has allowed us to bring significant and measurable benefits to many of South Africa’s largest multinationals. I also serve on the SAICA tax subcommittee on Customs and Excise.

When I am not working, I love reading, cooking and experiencing new places. I am truly fortunate to work in an environment that allows me to see the world. Music is a huge part of my life and I am busy rediscovering the wonder of enjoying music on vinyl.

Pieter Du Plessis

B.Com (Hons), CA (S.A.), H.Dip (Tax law)

I have always had a thing for numbers, particularly the relationship between different values. It becomes part of your life, looking for patterns and anomalies, always looking for explanations and another way of interpreting what is right in front of you.

The step to leave a large renowned consulting firm and start a specialist advisory practice was probably the best thing I could ever have done. Client service is critical if a tiny start up firm wants to secure and retain blue chip clients and it became a way of life and doing business. XA International Trade Advisors’ current significant client portfolio underscores this philosophy.

Codemonics is a perfectly logical extension of this philosophy and enable us to very exciting share the intellectual capital within XA through the wonderful medium of software.

Outside work I enjoy cycling and I am still striving to complete my 10th Argus Cycle Tour.

Craig Edwards

Ph.D (IT) - In progress, Master of Information Technology (M.IT), B.Tech (Business Admin), B.Tech (IT), N.Dip. (Computer Systems Engineering)

At the onset of my career I imagined that I would end up either pursuing an artistic endeavor, or go into a technical field such as engineering. Thankfully, I discovered an IT-related engineering qualification that had a strong focus on software development, which in many ways is both a technical and creative pursuit. This desire to appease two mind sets sums up how I see myself, and the manner in which I approach my career.

While I still appreciate the creative aspects of software development, I feel that more has to done to mature the field, especially compared with other engineering disciplines. It is still subjected to trends and the degree of collaboration between industry and academia needs to be improved.

I strongly believe in adopting open non-proprietary standards-based solutions where applicable, even in the context of a commercial product offering. I'm passionate about abstraction, principles and repeatability. My research interests include self-adaptive systems, model-driven engineering, semantic modelling and software architecture. My non-professional interests are photography, exercise, the outdoors, reading and spending precious time with my family and friends.

Nic Willemse

Business Management Diploma, Project Management Diploma, Software Engineering Diploma

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. -Stephen Hawking

I’m a passionate software craftsmen. I love what I do!

I feel good when I see the impact of a solution I have been part of. I want to be part of making a difference to my clients. A solution not delivered on time or within budget makes me uncomfortable. Lean thinking is what it’s all about.

In my career I have been fortunate enough to involved in new feature development, software development and setting up teams to deliver software solutions. I have cut my teeth

When I’m not bashing away at a keyboard, I like to spend time with my wife and children - when that’s too much to handle I hop on my mountain bike to clear the mind.

Theo Crous

M.Eng (Information Engineering), B.Sc (IT), N5 Certification (Electrical Engineering)

I consider myself lucky! From the start of my career I’ve been fortunate enough to work with exceptional people, doing exceptional things. These people include my Codemonics colleagues. Having spent most of my career in the banking industry, it is an area I understand well and are most comfortable with.

Although born with an engineering heart and am naturally drawn to complex things, I believe in solutions that are simple to understand and use. Interests in both software development and business administration have given me a unique skill set. A skill set, which includes data architecture, modelling, mining and analysis, all being definite favorites of mine.

Cuen Edwards

B.Tech (Information Technology), N.Dip (Computer Systems Engineering)

Building great software is difficult but the journey to do so is also incredibly rewarding.

To tackle complexity, distill it down, and discover the order and beauty that lies latent within.

To deliver solutions that do more than merely work but rather exceed expectations, while being crafted to deliver years of reliable service in the face of an ever changing environment.

To find the perfect trade-off when confronted with multiple conflicting requirements.

This is the challenge that drives me.

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